Knightley Partners with Loom to Improve Due Diligence

We’re super excited to announce that is among the first websites to integrate Loom’s new SDK. As one of the video messaging company’s first Early Access Partners, we’ve added the asynchronous video tool to the Knightley Data Rooms for easier conversation between founders and investors. Also, thanks to Loom, we’ve added one click recording for Video Pitch Decks and Product Demonstrations within our Investor Billboard.

“Thanks to Loom’s Team, we’re able to plugin a best-in-class technology that allows us to elevate the experience of our customers almost overnight and make the due diligence process a bit more human for both founders and investors” said Knightley CEO and Cofounder, Graham Gintz.

Screenshot of Loom on Knightley's platform

What’s Next?

We are putting the final touches on the first public version of Knightleyville, our online community for startup people helping one another and providing feedback publicly. Loom, being one of the startup world’s most trusted names in asynchronous video, should allow for more empathetic discussions and easier knowledge sharing.

Knightleyville will be open to the public on May 3rd, 2020. Signup for the waiting list here.

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